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Q. What is the "Hay-Band*"?

A. The "Hay-Band*" is an acupressure band which fits around the arm at the elbow. Attatched to the inside is a plastic stud.

Q. How does it work?

A. The plastic stud on the inside of the band applies pressure and stimulates the LI-11 (or QuiChi) pressure point. Traditional Chinese medicine uses the stimulation of this point to relieve the symptoms of allergies including hay fever.

Q. When should I put the "Hay-Band*" on?

A. You can put the "Hay-Band*" on before your symptoms begin or once they have started.

Q. Can the "Hay-Band*" be used in conjunction with hay fever drugs?

A. Yes, the "Hay-Band*" can be used with any other drugs.

Q. Does the "Hay-Band*" contain latex?

A. No, the "Hay-Band*" is latex free.

Q. Does the "Hay-Band*" have any side effects?

A. No, the "Hay-Band*" is drug free and has no side effects.

Q. Can the "Hay-Band*" be used by children?

A. Yes, the "Hay-Band*" can be used by children but the band must be a snug fit to function correctly.

Q. Who should not use the "Hay-Band*"?

A. Expectant mothers should refrain from using the "Hay-Band*".

Q. Which arm should the Hay-Band* be worn on?

A. The Hay-Band* can be worn on either arm.

*In accordance with the ASA and CAP it must be pointed out that the single point stimulation of the LI-11 point has not been clinically proven to relieve the symptoms of hay fever and allergic rhinitis.

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